Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Perfect Email - Replying to Women on Craigslist

I've been experimenting for a long time with different strategies on the perfect email reply to a woman's ad on Craigslist and after many rewriting sessions, I think I've come upon the perfect email reply to a woman's ad on Craigslist. Without further ado, here it is:


I doubt this will even reach you because I'm sure the second you posted that ad on Craigslist, your email inbox was swarmed by dozens of guys who are a dime a dozen. I'm not one of those guys.


I'm (INSERT AGE), (INSERT HEIGHT, (INSERT RACE), and don't have any issues meeting women. I (WHAT DO YOU DO) - basically I have my life together and am looking for someone to just randomly have fun with, just like you are. I'm devoted to what I do and spend most of my waking time working. I'd like to break the monotony with someone I can have a great conversation with while basically, fucking each other's brains out. Then, we get back to our business and our lives. I don't have the time for a relationship, nor do I want one, but I will always make time for some fun.

If you read this and are interested AND you're not a spambot, pls reply and I'd be more than happy to send a picture.


So far, I've had 2 out of my 3 emails replied to for a fantastic 66% reply rate. For most guys, the reply rate is 0% on Craigslist and that’s just the sad reality of online dating on Craigslist. There is really isn't that much competition if you know how to approach Craigslist the right way. If you're going to write a stupid reply without first thinking of what she wants to hear, of course you're not going to get a reply back.

With the email I have written above, I'm trying to strike a chord in the women reading these emails - they are going to see a ton of garbage from guys - guys who send penises, stupid emails that say let's fuck, or other inane things - and what you want to do is provide a breath of fresh air to her inbox and give her something she has to think about. If she sees a big penis flashing on screen, she doesn't have to think twice about closing that as fast as possible. Contrary to most beliefs, women really don't like pensises being flashed in their face as much as a guy loves the flash of a vagina across his screen.

So the goal here is to use my template to meet women on Craigslist and adapt it to your own email replies. If you get a reply, please leave a comment!